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Write for Us ! If you Belief you have Creative Talent and want to be part of Fast Growing Design Community. DesignMain.com always welcome creative writers, authors and contributors who can contribute fresh and creative materials to DesignMain.com our community.

Choosing Right Topic

– You can visit our Article Database to get an Idea what we are sharing on our blog.

– Our blog articles have Major topics like WordPress, Graphic Design, Web Design, Inspiration , Web Development, Tutorials and Freebies. You can visit Category or Tags Section for better and Specific Topic area.

Descriptive Topic Ideas

1. WordPress : WordPress themes, WordPress Plugins, WordPress Tips and Tricks.

2. Web Design : Latest Trends, Template Show case, Reviews.

3. Graphic Design : Latest Trends, All Articles Relates to Graphic Works.

4. Inspiration : Showcase of Graphic Design, Web Design , Digital Arts, Tattoos, Photo Manipulation,Creative and Amazing Stuffs which inspire.

5. Web Development : Html,  jQuery, CSS, Articles Related to Web Development.

6. Tutorials : We are Accepting all Type of tutorial Articles related to Digital world.

– Still Confuse ?  Try Search option or Contact us for more Support.

– Make sure whatever you decide to write must be unique and never published before anywhere. Your article will be reviewed by our Team, If it’s Suitable to our blog it will be published within a few days.

Are affiliate links allowed?

We are Not Allowing Any kind of Affiliate Links,Paid Links or  Text advertisement link in Post. Author should be permanently banned from our blog if we found any Affiliate links in submitted article.

What Author will get?

Author will get one “Do-Follow” link (single link only) from Profile Box under published Article. This is usually link to Author own blog or website. A Dedicated author Page like http://designmain.com/author/bhavikpatel08/ should be submitted to all Search engines.

Note : More than one do-follow link will be charged $100 per lifetime.



Author Bio

1. Name : Must Be original.

2. Email Address : Email Address must be Registered on gravatar for Profile Picture thumbnail.

3. Bio : Short piece of text describing who you are and what you are.(Include your Do-Follow Link).

Way to Submit your Articles

1. Word Document (Provide copy of Images in Separate Folder also)

2. Html File

3. Plain Text

Content Requirements 

1. Minimum 600 Words Required.

2. Images : You have to Provide images in Separate Folder with max width of 600 px.


After submitting Guest Post our Editor or Blog owner will check and have rights to Edit or add Details. Editor have rights to Reject your article for Valid Reasons. After Publishing any Guest Post All Copyright reserved to our blog.

If your article is ready Send it to  designmainemailaddress or Contact us if you have any query.

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