best Social Share bar plugin for wordpress in 2013

are you thinking to use Social share bar for wordpress website or blog? Social Share bar help to drive direct traffic to your blog by allowing your visitors to share you content on social networking sites. We have given 5 best social share bar plugin for wordpress which help you to a lot to drive a good traffic to your blog. Social share bar available with different version like scrolling and fixed. Use any one of type which is best option for your wordpress blog.



share bar for wordpress

Flare is currently in trend.Flare is a simple yet eye-catching social sharing bar that gets you followed and lets your content get shared via posts, pages, and media types.

1. Scrolling Social Share Bar


A scrolling social share bar scrolling plugin with just 7 social icons (Twitter, FB Like, Google +1, Linkedin, FB Share, Stumbleupon and Addthis).

Features of the plugin

  • Very simple options to adjust the plugin as per your site design
  • Options to disable buttons that you don’t need.
  • Very simple design.
  • Option to choose from fixed and animated scroll
  • Options to change the background color, padding, border, border-radius and shadow. Checkout the styling example link below


2. Share This :Share Buttons and Sharing Analytics


With access to 120 social channels (including Facebook, Twitter, Like, +1, Email and more), The ShareThis widget is a quick and easy sharing solution for your site to keep your audience engaged in your content and increase traffic to your site. You can also customize your widget for seamless integration to your site. You have the option to use small or large buttons, add counters and place the widget in a clear location for your users to share.

3. Shareaholic* | email, bookmark, share buttons



Shareaholic has proven time and time again to be an extremely useful and successful tool in getting your readers to actually discover and submit your articles to numerous social bookmarking sites.

Social Analytics
Shareaholic reports all of your important actionable social media metrics including popular pages on your website, referral channels, and who are making referrals and spreading your webpages on the internet on your behalf bringing you back more traffic and new visitors.

4. Socialize


This plugin was designed to make managing and adding actionable social sharing buttons easier and more efficient.All buttons and call to action areas can be easily displayed and hidden at will. You can also change the call to action template and even overwrite the default CSS.


  • 12 popular buttons including Pinterest and Buffer
  • Automatically insert Facebook and open graph data into head of site
  • Easily change button order on individual pages
  • Custom post type support
  • Lots of display and placement options
  • Bitly integration
  • Actions and filter for developers


5. Add This

Get-Sharing-Tools-AddThis share bar for wordpress

Add This is best social share bar for all type of blog platform. It gives more than 300 social share services. It’s easy to create online and implement on your wordpress blog.



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