MotoPress Content Editor – Drag & Drop plugin for Any WordPress Theme

MotoPress Content Editor is a new WordPress plugin for customizing your website. It is used in addition to or even instead of the default WordPress editor. The aim is simple – to provide ease of modifying the content. In a matter of minutes you can create original webpage thanks to the drag-and-drop function. Click on your mouse couple of times here and there – and you have an organized theme look and new content items.

1.MotoPress Content Editor

This WordPress editor allows users to customize any feature of the content elements, i.e. text format and style, font of the titles and headings, color and size of the text, space after paragraphs, different kinds of lists etc. By choosing the text alignment you can also set the text style easily.

In addition to that, with this handy tool you can add images, sliders, other media files, buttons and even Google maps in less than a pig’s whisper! You won’t have any difficulties as it suits to any WordPress theme.

MotoPress Content Editor will fit any WordPress user, as there are no requirements in professional skills. You can alter your article and simultaneously estimate its final look in the working area. The plugin is useful due to its multi-functionality. Also, this editor can be implemented into the website templates to enable users to modify their own web pages.

Major benefits of MotoPress Content editor

Live preview

This plugin enables you to see the updated look of your post right in the working area where you are editing your content items, so actually you do on-the-fly. And forget about HTML tags because they are not necessary to organize your post in any desired way.

Intuitive drag and drop functionality

Drag and Drop system is just a perfect way to update your website look. Add any content that you need and change its position as you wish just by replacing the elements on the stage. Using MotoPress Content editor means managing the content with ease.

Fully Adjustable

This new plugin can be used across multiple screen dimensions. Users can create advanced layouts using columns and other elements.

2.MotoPress drag and drop editor

Responsive design

Responsive design enables you to make sure that website powered by MotoPress Content editor will be easily viewable from any mobile device, i.e. tablet or mobile phone. The only thing you need to do is to drag the page borders as you need and the layout of the web page will be automatically changed according to the screen resolution of your device.

Premade UI system

Numerous parameters for each content item will satisfy any user and his needs in using these attributes.

Huge amount of options

All elements have many useful features to simplify the control of your page. Moreover, by using the plugin you can create different page parts, which is also very convenient.

Multilingual Ready

MotoPress plugin enables users to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes into different languages.

3.MotoPress drag and drop plugin

In addition to the features listed above, MotoPress Content editor has other useful options:

Well Documented

All users have an access to the ultimate guide about how to add the editor to any WordPress theme and how to work with it.

24/7 Support

We are enthusiastic about support. If you are having troubles with the editor usage, everything you need is to fill a ticket and we’ll contact you in no time.
Similar questions and answers to them – that’s what you may find in the FAQ section, so making your own research is also an option!


Upgrading is our priority in work, so we provide our users with an excellent product. Every modernization of the product means new options and possibilities, so stay in touch with us and you won’t miss anything.

Regular License

We give our users a non-exclusive and non-transferable permission to use the plugin, but they are not permitted to distribute the source files.
On this stage we are working on Developer License so it will be available in the near future.

MotoPress Content Editor is a perfect helper in creating your new beautiful website. It saves your time and brings you pleasure while you’re editing posts and articles.In addition, installation won’t take too much time and efforts, in a couple of minutes it’ll be available for using. Become a happy owner of this plugin right now!

Guest Author : Emily Williams

Design enthusiast, Web Developer, Graphic and Web Designer, Content Writer. Professionally he is software developer and a freelance web designer and developer. He is working as Guest Author since 4 years.