Factors That Can Help Streamline Your Search For The Best WP Theme

A theme of a website represents the overall look and feel of the website at a glance. It is quite imperative to run a thorough research and choose a theme that best suits your website objective.


With an overwhelming list of options, people often end up choosing a poor-quality theme. In such kind of situations, it pays to understand your needs prior to beginning the search.

The WordPress repository possesses a plethora of different themes that can be easily integrated into a WP website. However, if you are interested in boasting a fresh and impressive visual appeal to your site, you can even seek the WordPress theme customization service from a reputed company. There are numerous WP development companies that offer high end services at affordable prices.

To choose an appropriate WP theme from the available list, you will need to consider certain factors. Let’s have a glimpse into a few of these factors and streamline the search in an optimal way.

Check whether it is responsive or not

The stats and numbers represent that there is a substantial increase in the number of Internet access via mobile devices instead of desktop devices. And since, there is a huge variety of Internet-enabled mobile devices featuring distinct screen sizes, responsive designs have become quite essential. Responsive design automatically adjusts themselves to fit on the targeted screens, without leaving the content quality behind. It can thus, help you reach a wider group of mobile audiences with ease.


Consider the cost

Themes and plugins are basically available either as a premium (paid) or a free. While comparing the two types, you won’t get any conclusive winner. Both premium and free themes have their benefits and pitfalls. Here are a few of them.


    Benefits of Premium themes:

  • Less Common – Unlike free themes, the premium themes are less common and can’t be commonly seen on several websites.
  • Better Support – The developers of premium themes often offer a much better support to their users via public forums, emails, live chats, etc. Whereas the free theme developers mostly support their product through public forums.
  • Frequently Updated – The premium themes are certainly more often updated as compared to the free themes. This makes the premium themes a better option, because as a CMS WordPress is an ever evolving content management system. A frequently updated theme can patch with latest bug fixes and thus, become a viable choice.

    Pitfalls of Premium themes:

  • Cost – It may charge you a hefty amount.
  • Additional features will bloat the theme – The premium themes tend to offer some extra features like additional skins, portfolio manager, etc. These extraneous features while adding to the versatility of the theme can add unwanted weight to the theme.

Is it customizable?

If a theme is customizable, only then we can enhance its attributes in a desired fashion. Thus, the customizability is a quite essential factor, otherwise it would be hard for you to lend a unique visual appeal to your WP website. Certain WordPress themes have a “theme framework”. By the virtue of this framework, you can conveniently tweak the color, header, footer, etc., with a single mouse click.


Don’t forget the UX and design

Your chosen theme must appear attractive and intuitive. It must boast an intriguing and easily navigable interface . If it is not so, no visitor would like to engage with your site and quickly abandon it, which will ultimately add to the sites bounce rate. Hence, it is more than imperative to ensure that your shortlisted theme is representing your business in an ideal fashion while delivering outstanding UX.

Keeping these factors in mind while searching for an ideal WP theme for your website will help you make the best possible choice. However for this, you are required to invest in your complete efforts and time as this is definitely going to benefit your business.

This is Guest Article by Amy Brown.

Amy Brown is a WordPress developer by profession. She works for WordPrax Ltd., a WordPress Theme Customization Company with a global reach. Blogging meanwhile is a new found hobby for Amy. Amy loves innovative approach to web development and has a strong inclination for a suite of creative endeavors.

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