Creative feather painting examples for Inspiration

Now a day Feather Painting become more popular art and People start making career in it. In point of view i collect and sharing best feather painting examples for inspiration.

Recently I got mail to buy painted feathers, I was excited about to get one. Then i realize this may be big inspiration resource for my blog visitors and looking for original source of where mail comes from. Finally I get one name Julie Thompson. She is serving her service as an artist since 1990. She start teaching feather painting You can see in our one of collected pic.We refer her site for collect best feather painting pics which you can see in this article. You can visit her site for huge collection of her art work. We also endorsed Ian Davie for his creative art work [artist blog ]. 


 This Feather Painting are real not created by any digital software. You can find it from original Artist website.

feather painting class


painting on feathers 1

feather-painting 1

feather-painting 2

feather-painting 3

Feather Painting 4

feather-painting 5

feather-painting 6

feather-painting 7

feather-painting 8


feather-painting 9

feather-painting 10

feather-painting 11

feather-painting 12

feather-painting 13

feather-painting 14

feather-painting 15

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