Cache WordPress Site – Understanding Its Need and Ways to Achieve It

These days, users expect a page to load quickly or else they won’t take much time in hitting the back button to exit a website. Moreover, Google loves sites having fast loading time. And so, the speed of your site is a contributing factor that can get you better placement in the search results. So, if you’re already running a WordPress site or planning to build one, it must have good page-loading speed. When it comes to improving the performance of your site, WordPress Caching is the best way to speed up your site.

This post will provide you an overview of what WordPress Caching is, and how it can be achieved.

Understanding About WordPress Caching

Whenever a user visits your website and requests for a page, the WordPress core retrieves the data you need from within the database. The database returns the requested page, which WP core combines along with the data that it has fetched from other sources and accordingly generates an HTML page. And then, the page is provided to the user that requested for it.

Repeating this process when a web page is requested can be a time-consuming process. You may not find any problem is only a few people visits your site, but with the increase in your traffic, you’ll begin to face issues – your website speed will suffer. But, if all your web pages are saved on a hard disk or memory, they can be easily served when a user requests for a web page. This will avoid you from making several database queries or executing PHP code, which eventually helps in saving the computation time. And thus, make your site’s pages to load really fast. This is what WordPress caching is.

In a nutshell, WordPress caching eliminates the need of reusing the data that have already been generated previously, and thereby helps to speed up a website.

Using Caching Plugins to Cache Your WordPress Site

There are many different caching plugins that can be used to cache your WP pages or posts. However, I will be discussing about two of the most important and preferred plugins you can choose as you deem perfect.

W3 Total Cache: 


This is one of the best caching plugins and recommended by several hosting companies (like DreamHost, Host Gator and many more). This plugin helps to optimize the performance of your server and also curtails the download times. Most importantly, it provides integration with a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Let’s look at some other benefits that W3 Total Cache provides:

  • When it is fully configured, it improves the overall performance of a site to at least 10x improvement.
  • Using “JavaScript file minification” helps save bandwidth up to 80% and more.

Apart fromsuch great benefits, you’ll definitely love the features that comes loaded with the plugin.

  • It is compatible with all types of web hosts, which includes shared, private and dedicated servers.
  • Provide support for mobile devices, i.e. help in caching of mobile website pages.
  • Provides WP-CLI support for purging a cache, and more.

WP Super Cache:

wp-super-cache-plugins-downloadAnother popular caching plugin you can opt for is W3 Super Cache. This plugin helps in generating static HTML files from your dynamic blog. And serves this file to users, rather than executing PHP scripts. It makes use of three different files to improve the speed of your site:

  • mod_rewrite – helps deliver “supercached” static pages, in case a site is receiving heavy traffic.
  • PHP – use PHP to provide users with supercached files. Using a PHP file to serve a static HTM file performs at almost the same speed as mod_rewrite, but it is easier to configure.
  • Legacy caching – This file helps to cache WP pages for users who’re logged-in on the site, or visitors who leave comments and so on.

At first glance, using this plugin might seem complicated to you, but in reality it is easy to setup and use.

Wrapping Up!

If you want to enhance your user experience, then it is important that your WordPress website loads quickly. This will also help you in acquiring good search engine rankings. I have covered two useful caching plugins that will help you speed up your WordPress powered website – for free.

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