15+ useful wordpress archive plugins and widgets for wordpress blog

Archive word is famous for collection of records at same place. Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization’s lifetime. Same Archive Concept is applied in today digital world. You can see archive option in your mail box to archive mails. You can use the same concept in your blog by providing archive page to show all article at one place.

in this article we share Best WordPress archive plugins and widget collection that will surely help you. All Archive plugins have special features to spice your archive page. Using these plugins you can show your archive page with different styles like calendar, year wise , month wise, full article title etc.

wordpress archive plugins free download

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Best WordPress Archive Plugins and Widgets

Compact Archives

Compact Archives - wordpress archives plugins free download

Compact Archives is very simple WordPress archive plugin develop by wpbeginner.com. This plugin will transform inbuilt WordPress archive widget to compact archive displays.


Clean My Archives

Clean My Archives wordpess archive plugins free download

Clean My Archives is one of best and our favorite plugin. you can visit our Archive page for live Demo. This plugin will show as articles month wise with date ,number of comments and year. You can easily setup your archive page using shortcode. This will help you to crawl links to Google and other search engines.

jQuery Archive List Widget

Wordpress Archive Plugins for wordpress blog

jQuery archive list widget plugin will generate collapsible archive list in your sidebar or posts using the jQuery JS library. This Plugin have good features like Required Less space, Select your Expand and collapse symbols, support for archive filters, Auto expands current/select year from posts, Select the categories to exclude ,Multiple instance support, Shortcode Support and more.

AWSOM Drop Down Archive

awsom dropdown wordpress archive plugin download free

AWSOM drop down archive plugin is designed to add a Drop Down or other type of archive selector on your Index and individual Posts pages.You can easily enter custom options for CSS, name, archive parameters, and add custom locations.It also support Shortcode to insert archive in to any post.

Smart Archives Reloaded

Smart Archives Reloaded wordpress archive plugins free

mart Archives Reloaded allows you to display a list of posts grouped by year and month. It also provides several interesting navigation elements.

Adjacent Archive Links

adjacent-archive-links wordpress archive plugin download

Adjacent archive link is has same features like other WordPress archive plugins. You can categorized your archive page month wise and load post as per date with number of comments. This plugin will Adds two new template tags to output previous and next links on date archive pages.

Calendar Archives

Calender Archives WordPress Archive Plugins free download


Calendar Archives is a visualization plugin for your WordPress site which creates yearly calendar for your posts.To use this plugin you have to Create new page and apply Shortcode [calendar-archive] in editor.


EG archives free wordpress archive plugin for blog
EG-Archives provides a widget (and a template tag) to display archives in yearly mode, AND monthly, according a specified pivot date.

Better archives widget

wordpress archive plugins and widget for blog

Adds an extra widget to display links to archives grouped by year then by month. It allows you to display links to your archive pages in any widgetized area of your website.

Post Tags and Archives

Tags and Archives wordpress archive plugin free for blog

Now you can Display Tag Cloud or the Archive directly in posts and pages using Post Tags and Archives plugin. Its SEO friendly because Search Engine will find and index it. You can get Tag cloud and Archives in your post using shortcode.

Annual Archive

Annual Archive widget extends default WordPress Archive widget to allow daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, postbypost and alpha archives to be displayed. Archives can be displayed in the sidebar using a widget, and even in a post or page by using a shortcode.

Genesis Widgetized Archive

This Plugin is specially made for Genesis Framework to control Archive Page. You can use up to three columns that are responsive and enable automatically. This plugin required less space than others and easy to customize by non programmer users. It will avoid Long pages & blog posts listings. This plugin is also compatible with genesis 2.0+ and all child themes and html5 themes.

Grid Archives

Grid Archive plugin offers a grid style archives page for WordPress, just put “[grid_archives]” in your Post or Page to show the grid-style archives. You can also Show grid archive with specific category by using [grid_archives category=”Category name”].

AW WordPress Yearly Category Archives

This plugin will allow for yearly archives of specific categories from all post types and “Posts”. You can display your archive by year list, year drop down and Article title with short description.

Archivist – Custom Archive Templates

Archivist - Custom Archive Templates

This plugin have good html custom template to make your archive page more attractive. You can use two shortcodes [archivist category=”kitten”] and [archivist tag=”kitten”] to show custom view. You can also easily customize Archive Placeholder.

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