11 Best author box plugin and widgets for wordpress blog

People always look at end of article who has written this nice article. If you are thinking to make unique identity and build good reputation over internet you might use author name in your article. We have find best WordPress Author Box Plugins that can easily integrate in your WordPress theme.

In this article we have Share great Author Box plugins that will show which creative writer is behind article. You can will find Fancier Author Box plugin and starbox author box plugin  with are currently very popular for Bio and Latest Post tabs using this plugin you can show latest post of particular authors. Rest Author box Plugins have ability to display basic author  Bio , Social Profiles and Author Links.

Fancier Author Box

free wordpress author box plugin download 2013

If you’re looking for a way to make your every page a landing page for new contacts and leads, then you will find Fancier wordpress Author Box plugin by ThematoSoup invaluable. Fancier Author box have lots of options to show like social buttons, articles, website link, latest post by author etc. You can Show Fancier Author box at any position in your blog post and page.

Starbox – the Author Box for Humans

free wordpress author box plugin download

Starbox is the wordpress Author Box plugin for Humans. Professional Themes to choose from, HTML5, Social Media Profiles, Google Authorship. Humans look at beauty more than anything else .That’s why you’ll get an Author Box that’s gorgeous to look at and it makes your readers click all the way through to see more about the Authors. We personally like to recommended this plugin.

Author Box After Posts

Free wordpress author box plugin download 2013 1

Adds an author box after your post contents.The box contains author’s avatar,name,post count,site link, description, Email, Facebook, Google, Twitter. This plugin is easy to customize as per your requirement.

Author Box Plugin With Different Description

author box with diff description free  wordpress author box plugin 2013

This Plugin will add an author box to your post contents. The box contains author’s avatar, name, post count, site link, description, Email, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn.

Author Box Reloaded

Author box reloaded free wordpress author box plugin download 2013

Adds an author box below text when viewing a single article. It allows also the author to define links to the external websites like Twitter, Identi.ca, Facebook, Netlog, LinkedIn, Drupal Association and WordPress.Org. Those external websites are very simple plugins and you can check the them to see how to make your own. At the front-end those will appear as clickable icons.

DT Author Box

Digital Tweaker’s wordpress Author Box Plugin For WordPress

DT Author BoxDT wordpress Author Box plugin is great for those who have multiple authors on a WordPress site and want to show author information at the bottom of every post for each author like a signature. This can include an image, a short bio, a link to the author’s website and their social profiles.

Social Author Bio

Social Author Bio wordpress author box plugin download 2013

Social Author Bio automatically adds an author bio box along with Gravatar and social icons on posts. Now with built in Google Author!

WP About Author

wp-about-autor wordpress author box plugin download 2013

This plugin is the easiest way to add a customizable author bio below your posts. The plugin works right out of the box with WordPress built in profiles.

CW Author Info

CW- author - info wordpress author box plugin download 2013

Add a box with information about the author of each post after post written by that author. This box will display information in bio of each writer’s blog, a link to every post written by this author, avatar, and a series of icons link to author profile on social networks are known as Facebooks, Twitter, Google+ and icon for contact by email.

Advanced Author Bio

Advance author bio wordpress author box plugin 2013

Advanced Author Bio automatically adds a short author bio box along with gravatar and social profile links in every single post of your blog.

Post Author

post author wordpress author box plugin download

This great simple plugin, written with multimedia agency Glanum, adds the author and date at the top or bottom of the content on posts, on pages and on archive categories (optionally along with last modified date and author), with a fully custom per-post / per-page hide option. Especially usefull for multi-author sites and blogs.

Conclusion : You can digg WordPress Plugin Directory for get more Resource.

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