10 useful social popup plugins for wordpress to increase social traffic

To gain more popularity on social networking sites best way is to put social media buttons on your websites and blog. Pop up is best idea to welcome your visitors for website interaction. You can use Simple popup like box to show your Facebook, twitter or Google profile. If you are using WordPress platform for your blog or website then you can use ready-made WordPress plugins. You can dig WordPress Plugin directory for get best Social Popup plugins for WordPress blog. or you have better option to see our best Free and Premium Social Popup Plugins collection in this article.

In this article we share easy loading social popup plugins that will help you to show your Social Media Like box. You visitors know about your Facebook pages, twitter profile and Google + page using popup plugins.

Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox

facebook page promoter lightbox wordpress popup plugins for wordpress blog

To show your Facebook Official Page to your visitor you must use this social media popup plugin. You need to simply add your Facebook Profile Id and this plugin with display preconfigured Facebook Like box with Light box. You can limit the light box to display as per users.

Social PopUP

SocialPopup wordpress popup plugins download free

This plugin will display a popup or splash screen when a new user visit your site showing a Google+, twitter and Facebook follow links. This will increase you followers ratio in a 40%. Popup will be close depending on your settings. Too many Custom Editing options available for this popup plugin like configure background, custom templates, edit css, choose where to display popup, enable/disable options etc.

PopTuneTrafic: WordPress Social PopUp

Poptunic social popup plugins for wordpress blog

PoptuneTraffic is simple yet effective popup plugin for wordpress with capacity to show twitter follow button, Facebook like button, google plus and linkedin share button. Easy to customize this plugin. You can create unblock able popup on wordpress blog to increase your traffic from social networking sites.

Premium Social Popup Plugins

All-in-One Social Popup

All-in-One Social Popup plugin for wordpress blog

All-in-One Social Popup is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to add a highly customizable social popup box to your blog or website. It combines 7 different popups (on page load, on external link click, on copy content, on context menu, on scroll down, on idle, on click), which can be used separately or simultaneously without conflicts.

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress

Social Traffic Popup plugin for WordPress blog

Social Traffic Pop for WordPress is finally here. Requested by tons of other Traffic Pop buyers, Social Traffic Pop combines 4 of the most powerful social media tools to make one of the best social media marketing tools ever.

Exit Through Social Share

Exit through social share wordpress social popup plugins download

Exit Through Social Share is a WordPress plugin that raised popup box once user clicked any outgoing links on your website. Popup box suggests users either to like webpage on Facebook, +1 on Google, share on Twitter or LinkedIn for immediate redirection to target webpage or to wait some time to be redirected.

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO Social Popup plugins for wordpress themes

Facebook Traffic Pop PRO brings a whole new level of control and performance to the O.G. of Traffic Pops. This is a simple “drag and drop” upgrade that adds an entire new framework to Facebook Traffic Pop, and adds some of the more advanced features users have been asking for.

Exit Through Facebook Like

Exit Through Facebook Like Social Popup Plugins for websiteExit Through Facebook Like is a WordPress plugin that raises popup box once user clicked any outgoing links on you website. Popup box suggests user either to Like your webpage on Facebook for immediate redirection to target webpage or to wait some time to be redirected.

Exit Through Google +1

Exit Through Google +1 social popup plugins for wordpressExit Through Google +1 is a plugin that raises popup box once user clicked any external links in your posts/pages or comments. Popup box suggests user either to +1 your webpage on Google for immediate redirection to target link or to wait some time to be redirected.

JQuery Facebook Traffic Driver

JQuery Facebook Traffic Driver Social Popup plugins for wordpress blog

This plugin will take your Facebook presence to new heights. Its elegant look and real-time stats will make people feel like they are making a difference. Aside from the real-time data stream, the like status is stored in a cookie so you have the option of enforcing the user to “like” you before they can access content.

Conclusion :Popup Plugins are very important to increase social traffic and popularity. In this article we compiled and shared best popup plugins, if you can not found any of these helpful you can use custom jQuery to implement popups in your website or blog.

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